About Our Trust

Balmoral Learning Trust has a clear vision which it applies to everything it does, its purpose is to create ‘A diverse partnership of schools achieving learning and excellence for all’

The symbol of the tree as our logo and brand reflects our approach. The trees roots, branches and leaves all symbolise elements of our own approach to delivering education and learning across our partnership. Reflecting this, our values were developed by Members, Directors, Staff and Pupils working together to articulate exactly what we stand for. They are set out below;


– Collaboration not competition

– Individuality not conformity

– Simplicity not complexity

– Challenge not confrontation


– Quality – because everyone in the Trust deserves the best

– Excellence – because we have high expectations for everyone

– Delivery – because actions make aspirations reality

– Standards – because they represent achievement for all

– Safeguarding – safe people, safe places, safe buildings, safe children


– Learning – first class learning opportunities for all

– Leadership – exceptional leaders in exceptional schools where leadership is not a      position or title, but an action and an example

– Enjoyment – valuing our people and having fun. Others enjoy working with you

– Inspiration – seeing the possible not the actual

– Equality – all valued and respected

– Responsibility – relentless willingness to see things through ‘see it and sort it’

– Integrity – no fear, no blame, no excuses

– Environment – nurturing, enriching, inspiring and safe

– Accountability – being open and transparent


This guides our whole approach to learning and education. Unsurprisingly, these are illustrated through our actions and deeds in our day to day life, rather than words!