We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Hetton Lyons Primary School has been praised in a report from Ofsted, highlighting the incredible efforts of our committed staff and their fantastic pupils. The report states that staff have high aspirations for all pupils. Pupils are polite and confident. They behave well in lessons and around school, showing respect for each other and to all staff.

The curriculum at Hetton Lyons goes well beyond the subjects that pupils study. There are many opportunities to support pupils’ wider development. Leaders help pupils to connect with the local community. Pupils enjoy a wide range of activities that promote understanding of the local context of the school. They also learn about the wider world.

Pupils value a range of clubs and sporting opportunities that enhance their development. We are absolutely thrilled and could not be prouder of Hetton Lyons Primary School. We are so pleased that the dedication of our staff and families has been recognised.