The last day of the half term was a training day. Staff across the Trust worked with Clive Davis from Focus Education on how children learn and how to maximise learning in the classroom. The revised Ofsted Framework states that children need to acquire essential knowledge that they build on as they move through their education.

During the course of the day staff learnt how the brain moves knowledge from the short term to the long term memory in chunks, staff even learnt how to count to 10 in Welsh and Turkish! They then focused on how the curriculum and lessons can be structured to allow essential learning to be revised to ensure deep learning takes place.

Feed back from staff at the end of the day was very positive and included:

” A fantastic and informative day.” Reception Class Teacher

” Clive delivered a though provoking training session with questioned for all staff to ponder. This will lead to exciting whole school developments to enhance children’s learning.” Catherine Jones, Headteacher Thorney Close.

” A great opportunity to think about the impact of our curriculum and to give children the best  opportunities as they move forward.” Year 3 Class Teacher.