Balmoral Learning Trust’s governance structure follows Government guidance. It consists of 5 Members, 9 Directors and Local Governing Bodies for each school/academy.

Members (5)

Members have a duty to oversee the strategic direction of the Trust and to ensure that the decisions of the Directors are in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Trust. They act as the ‘shareholders’ of the Trust and are responsible for the Objects of the Company.

Tustees (7)

Trustees are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Trust, the creation of all strategic and business planning, the financial stability and sustainability of the Trust and overseeing of the Trust’s overall performance and delivery of agreed standards via the Chief Executive.

Local Boards 

The Local Boards  have 11 Governors, made up of staff, parents and co-opted Local Board members from their communities. Local Boards have the responsibility to oversee and monitor standards and educational achievement and address the needs of their individual school, either themselves (if within their remit) or with the support of the Trust Board of Directors. The individual school/academy websites provide information on the make-up of these bodies.

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